Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I travel to New Plymouth from Wellington or Auckland International Airport?

There are 2 airlines that fly from Auckland to New Plymouth, these are Air New Zealand which has about 8 flights a day and Jetstar which has 2.

Alternatively you can take a bus and enjoy the scenery (approximately 7 hours) If you want to spend a few days travelling with your team, with your family or on your own, please contact Cathy and we can arrange transport, accommodation and the must dos along the way.

From Wellington Air New Zealand flys to New Plymouth with about 3 direct flights a day.

World Dart Federation (WDF) ranking points will be awarded as follows:


Champion - 90 points

Runner up- 63 points

Joint 3rd/4th - 44 points

Joint 5th/8th -22 points

Joint 9th/16th - 11 points

Joint 17th /32 - 6 points


If there are less than 32 entries,ranking points will be awarded to the last 8 finishers. Between 33 to 128 entries, ranking points will be awarded to the last 16 finishers Entries above 129, ranking points will be awarded to the last 32 finishers.


Should you require more information on the WDF Rules and Ranking System criteria,please visit. www.dartswdf.com/rules/


Are the top prizes paid in US Dollars?

The Men's Singles top prize of $2,000, the Women's Singles top prize of $1,000 and the Teams Event Champions top prize of $1,000  will receive their prize money in US Dollars. All other prizes will be paid in New Zealand Dollars

Can women team up with the men in the Team and Pairs Events?

Yes, both the Team and Pairs events allow for mixed teams or pairs ie. women and men are allowed to play together in these.

Are the New Zealand Ranking Points only applicable in the Men's and Women's Singles event?

Yes. Only New Zealand Residents, Permanent Residents and Citizens are entitled to New Zealand Ranking Points.

Is there a special cash prize for 9 dart finishers

Yes, this is open to all New Zealanders with a cash prize of 5,000 (five thousand dollars) which will be awarded to any dart player(s) who is able to complete a 9 - dart finish throughout the year.

To be eligible, darters must participate in the Singles event and payout of the cash prize will be shared and paid equally to the pool of player(s) who have successfully achieved a 9- dart finish for the year.

This special cash price is sponsored by The New Zealand Darts Council.

Is there any event on the Friday 13 September prior to the tournament?

Yes there will be a Taranaki Invitational Tournament - more details to follow.

In the Team Event, would a Team from the same region or country be placed into the same Section?

The Committee would seed teams from the same region and countries according to the "Best Possible" method (depending on entries).

Will The Team Event Champions be presented with a Champion Trophy?

Yes. Taranaki International Darts Open Team Champions Trophy would be presented to the Champions. The Trophy would be kept by Taranaki Darts Association (TDA) and the Winning Team name would be engraved onto a plate to indicate the current and past winners. However the winners will be presented with an item to keep which reflects the significance of their win.

I am a non participating player and would like to watch and support my favourite player/team during the event. Is there any entry fee to the venue?

Yes, Non registered player(s) other than Team Manager/Captain of the team would require a pass to access the playing venue.

The pass is issued at the entrance for a gold coin donation. Children below 12 years old will not be permitted into the playing hall.

Am I allowed to take photographs and video record during the event play?

Yes. You are allowed to do so, so as long as "No Flash" mode is used in the process and you are not distracting the player(s) during the match.

How can I obtain a Media and Press, Access Pass to the event?

Kindly email us at: Duncan or Cathy at @taranakidartsopen.nz  no later than 11 September 2019 and we would arrange them for you.

Please indicate the media house, newspaper or magazine you are representing and number of passes required.

Will food and beverage be sold at the venue?

Yes, the Devon hotel has arranged an exciting range of beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic) as well as a variety of food options each day of the tournament.